Business Trips and Conventions

Gendron Travel is unlike any other travel agency: being a tour operator makes all the difference! It enables us to organize trips ourselves, to negotiate prices with airline companies and hotels, sometimes even at the destination. All of this flexibility makes it possible to offer you 2 to 30-day packages. Our specialized agents are always very informed on all the destinations offered and they will be able to advise you on your best options. Everyone on our team contributes to achieve our mandate: to remain number one on all levels and in our specialties.


Unmatched Flexibility

You have been given the mission of organizing a business trip or a convention? Gendron Travel is there to help you! Our vast experience and contact network enable us to set up a most flexible program. According to your requirements and your standards, we guarantee an exceptional organization, in which the word “limit” does not exist: your trip will be made to measure, no matter the number of people or the duration of the stay.


Personalized Service

With Gendron Travel, exceptional service is ensured. Whether you wish a flight/lodging package only or the complete organization of a convention, anything is possible! Our specialists are trained to organize business trips of all kinds. You will be discharged of any negotiations with the hotel as well as all the reservations required… from the convention room to the cocktail, to the rental of cars and the choice of menus in the various restaurants.

You wish to organize a golf tournament or to attend a show? No problem: no matter the destination chosen, Gendron Travel will take care of organizing your activities outside of the convention. For example, we are regularly asked to combine a convention with a golf tournament, which we do with great interest since we have had a specialized golf program for many years. Do the shows and casinos of Las Vegas attract you? Here is another new specialty of the tour operator!


And for the Holidays…

It is always appreciated to organize a small trip for employees without necessarily having a convention… This is also a part of our mission. And the services of a representative are available depending on the destination.

It is quite obvious that some of you will prolong the stay to become a holiday… Gendron Travel also offers an incomparable individual service, which allows you to plan a whole holiday. You will be able to obtain more details concerning the individual packages by consulting our website.


See for Yourself

You wish to visit the destination before the conference? Our team will organize a familiarisation trip (site inspection), while providing the services of a representative from Gendron Travel. Thanks to our experience, you will be given very advantageous rates.

In short, our organization has no limits! Whether the departure is from Montreal, Toronto, United States or even Europe, everyone will be reunited in time and will be able to depart on the day of their choice.


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