General Conditions

Please ensure that you read and understand the following terms and conditions before making your reservation.

These policies are effective as of January 28, 2015.   Changes and/or modifications can be made at any time after publication to correct errors or omissions or because of other reasons beyond our control.


The rates that are displayed on our website, magazines and Summer Vacation Guide are in Canadian dollars and are valid based on availability at the time of booking.   Prices include taxes(GST and PST and service fees) and exclude the contribution of $1 per $1,000 of services purchased; representing the contribution to the Travel Agent Compensation Fund payable by all clients of Quebec travel agencies. Should there be an increase in taxes, fees or other charges authorized by a recognized public authority, these prices could rise. GENDRON TRAVEL reserves the right to increase these rates in the event of a fluctuation in exchange rates, fuel costs, taxes and other fees in effect. If the price increase is due to a fuel surcharge enforced by the carrier or an increase in the exchange rate to the extent that the applicable exchange rate at 45 days prior to the delivery of services has increased by over 5% since date the contract was made, and / or in the event that the price increase, without taking into consideration an increase from the Quebec Sales Tax or the Goods and Services Tax of Canada is equal to or above 7% of the price of these services, the customer can cancel the service (with full and immediate refund) or opt for a replacement package offering similar services; if the cost of a package offering similar services is higher than those reserved originally, the customer will pay the price difference.  No price increase shall occur within 30 days of the date that services must be rendered. Any reduction in prices resulting from a promotion or a decision made by GENDRON TRAVEL applies to new bookings only.  For the most recent and up-to-date prices, contact one of our travel specialists. No adjustments will be made to previously-booked reservations.


We recommend that you book your stay at least 45 days prior to your departure date. A deposit of 25% (insurance included) is required at time of booking.  The balance must be received at least 45 days before departure, otherwise GENDRON TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice and apply the cancellation fee, without recourse by the customer. For bookings made 45 days or less before the departure date, full payment is required at time of booking.  For a cruise, final payment must be done at least 90 days before departure date. When paying by check, no reservation is confirmed until the deposit is received.  Please note that checks will not be accepted for bookings with a departure within 30 days or less. *Note: The deposit is 50% for promotional rates.


All special requests such as location of rooms, bedding, etc. must be made at time of the reservation. GENDRON TRAVEL will send your preferences to the hotel but will not guarantee that they will be confirmed. GENDRON TRAVEL cannot be held responsible if certain requests are not met.


When you want to use your gift certificate or your travel credits, contact one of our travel specialists to reserve and mention the serial number on your certificate.  Be sure to take note of all the terms and conditions related to your reservation.  No reservations or reductions will be applied if the booking agent does not have the gift certificate or the original travel voucher on file. Gift certificates are non-transferable or redeemable for cash. The travel credits (unless otherwise noted) are applicable on exclusive packages offered by VOYAGES GENDRON (skiing, golf, cycling and sun *).  They are not applicable on a group departure, non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.  *Sun: Travel products purchased from Air Transat Holidays, Nolitours, TMR, Sunwing or other independent wholesalers are excluded.


It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the travel consultant of any conditions (physical, health, pregnancy, etc.) that can restrict or impede his/her travels as stipulated in Article 228 of the laws governing Consumer Protection.


By providing his/her credit card number verbally or in writing to the travel specialist, the customer agrees to comply with these present terms and conditions and authorizes in accordance, the security deposit and / or the purchase transaction of services. However, GENDRON TRAVEL may require the customer to provide a written confirmation to the effect that the credit card may be used without his signature.


Changes: Flights are reserved in accordance with the carrier’s tariff and under the regulations of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). In accordance with the air carrier’s tariff, at any time and without notice, flights may be subject to consolidation and could be subject to changes in schedules, aircraft type, days of operation, re-routing or change in airline partners.

Checking and connecting flights: Flight times, even when written on a ticket, are for indicative purposes only.  These can be changed for many reasons, often beyond the control of the air carrier or GENDRON TRAVEL.  It is the responsibility of any client who bought a package or a flight with GENDRON TRAVEL to verify the flight departure time within 24 hours of his/her departure as well as the return with all the airline carrier(s) concerned.  All bookings including connecting flights are made at the client’s own risk and the client must allow his/her self sufficient time to make the connection.   GENDRON TRAVEL disclaims any liability with respect to a change of schedule or a missed connection, including any direct or indirect damage or expenses arising (including and without limitation: a loss of revenue or earnings, lost vacation days or additional costs incurred).

Airport check-in: GENDRON TRAVEL recommends that passengers arrive at the airport registration desk at least 3 hours before departure. A late arrival could result in the loss of the passenger’s reservation and their seat could be assigned to another client without possibility of recourse.

Baggage: Each airline has specific standards for the number, weight and size of baggage, the client should check with their travel specialist or chosen airline to determine the restrictions.

Other conditions and limitations of airline liability: The conditions of air transportation and claims relating to the loss and/or damage to baggage is subject to the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention, whichever the case, the applicable tariff by the airline, the contract terms stated on the ticket, boarding pass, or baggage receipt and any government regulations that establish the limits of the carrier’s liability. Once submitted and approved by federal authorities, any amendments or changes to the general conditions of carriage are applicable immediately without prior notice.  Airline tickets that are not used, in whole or in part, on the dates indicated, will not be honored on another flight or refunded to the customer.

Seat assignment: Unless you have pre-selected or paid for a specific seat, the seats in the aircraft are assigned at the airport by the agent at the airline counter.  Some fees can be charged directly by the airlines for seat selection and are not included in package prices.


Guaranteed group departures:  If the minimum number of passengers is not reached for one of the groups announced on the website, magazines and Summer Vacation Guide, GENDRON TRAVEL reserves the right to cancel the trip.  However, if a client wishes to travel on their own, the package price could increase or decrease depending on the new prices in effect at that time. If the customer wishes not to travel otherwise, he/she will be fully refunded. As for the group leader, his presence is guaranteed when reaching a minimum of participants. For cruises, the accompaniment is guaranteed at the 8th sold cabin.


At the time of reservation, GENDRON TRAVEL strongly recommends that customers procure travel protection including cancellation and/or interruption insurance, damage or loss of baggage, medical and hospitalization coverage, as well as insurance for a rental vehicle.  If the client has insurance supplied by his/her credit card, employer, or any other personal insurance, it is his/her responsibility to know the conditions of the contract and GENDRON TRAVEL is in no way liable. The client should consult their travel specialist for more information.


A valid Canadian passport is the only proof of Canadian citizenship and is required everywhere and at all times to travel outside the country. Some countries require that your passport be valid for a period exceeding six months from the date of return to Canada.  The customer is responsible to obtain, at his/her expense, all documents required by the relevant government authorities, and submit to the various laws of each.  Some countries may also require a travel entry Visa, that the client can obtain at the embassy (the customer’s expense).  Single parents travelling with a child under 18 years may have to obtain an affidavit signed by the other parent authorizing the child to travel. The customer should ask their travel specialist about the proper travel documents required and must ensure to have these documents when travelling. The carrier and the authorities may refuse boarding to any passenger who does not have the required documents in hand, without recourse or refund. GENDRON TRAVEL disclaims any liability for help or information from any of its employees on the methods of obtaining travel documents or compliance with laws; whether the assistance or information has been transmitted verbally, written or by any other means. The client may also be refused entry to a country even if the required travel documents are in hand.  GENDRON TRAVEL also waives any responsibility for the consequences suffered by any client that does not have the required travel documents and who also fails to comply with applicable laws. Travel documents: It is very important to verify all travel documents received to ensure they accurately reflect the reservations made.  In the event you notice an error or for any other matter relating to or from your travel, please consult your travel specialist. More information here:

Departure tax of a country and tourist map: Depending on the destination chosen, a departure tax and/or a tourist map of the country may be payable locally, per person.


For any change (room type, hotel, car), the following charges will apply: 30 days or more before departure, $25.00 per person; 29 days or less before departure, 100% of the total package cost. Any change to a name or date will be considered as a cancellation (see paragraph “cancellation fee”).

Booking rounds of golf: A $20.00 fee will be applied for any change to a tee-off time reserved for a party.


No refunds will be issued for unused or cancelled services after your departure or due to circumstances beyond GENDRON TRAVEL’s control.


45 days or more prior to departure: the deposit is non refundable. Less than 45 days prior to departure: the total package, including taxes is non refundable.  For cruises package, 90 days before departure date, it is 100% non refundable.


GENDRON TRAVEL has a responsibility to provide all services described on its website, in the magazines and Summer Vacation Guide. If for any reason whatsoever such services may not be offered, GENDRON TRAVEL will ensure to provide the client with services comparable to those already offered.  GENDRON TRAVEL reserves the right to change or cancel a trip at any time. The passenger waives any claim against GENDRON TRAVEL for loss, theft, accidents or damage to property. GENDRON TRAVEL cannot be held responsible for facility closures, strikes, bankruptcy, political crises, terrorism, weather, quality of services offered by suppliers or oversold by them, the omission of the traveller to obtain documents required to carry travel, flight delays or any other cause beyond its control that may impede normal travel.


Gendron Travel assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to luggage and bikes during transportation and handling. The bikes will be transported in a trailer provided for this purpose on our coach tours and in the checked luggages on airline carriers. However, the bikes in boxes will be accepted if you wish. Fees may apply. In other cases, the customer agrees not to hold GENDRON TRAVEL responsible for damage and / or loss of luggage or bicycle.


All complaints must be received in writing to be processed and we strongly urge you to send them as soon as possible after completing your trip.  We must sign a receipt to certify the validity of the request.


Protecting the identity of our customers is a priority at GENDRON TRAVEL. For this reason we ask only the necessary information for our files to ensure proper functioning of operations and communications with our customers, as well as to inform them of our promotions. We do not sell our databases or share any personal information without consent.  We also use security systems for our computer system to protect all personal information.

Gendron Travel holds a Quebec permit.